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Pablo Lara H ⚔ Visual Artist

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ⅅ Daniel Brokstad Animated gif with specimen of Inconstant Regular

⊛ Alina Molchanova Specimens of Free fonts: Gothic No. 60 and Defectica

★ Vladimir Klenov Animated gif. Specimens of Fonts: Akony, Bowler, Raydis, Revard, Sclate.

✴ Irhas Alfahad Animated gif. Specimens of Northern Display

✴ The Signes Archive Specimens on viltage magazines and books and screenshot of the website of Signes

✱ The book of ornamental alphabets, ancient and mediaeval by Delamotte, F. (Freeman), 1814-1862 Animated gif of the first pages and some specimens of the lettering

Honey Animated gif featuring letters specimens of Honey font

ZELOW ® Type Animated gif featuring specimens of Zelow Type

∗ Fafo Ferrão Animated gif featuring Fafo Ferrão  Free  Font Fafo Sans specimens

⁂ John Misael Villanueva Animated gif.John Misael Villanueva  Specimens of Free Fonts : BBT Pamumundok Free -   BBT Baby Bus Layered Font Free -   BBT Martires Free -   Eskwela Free Brush Script Font  -   Kodigo Baybayin Free Display Font -   Lagablab-FD-Libre -   Kilometro FD  -   Manansala Font -   Cane Patterns Icon Font -   Arturo Typeface -   Habi Typeface -   Salin Regular -

✤ Andreas Larsen Specimens of Andreas Larsen Free fonts Monoid and Gidole

✺ Black letter De Vinne Press NY Specimens of black letter recently added to the stock of the De Vinne Press, no.12 Lafayette Place, New York City

✪ Truong Nguyen Huy aka m ộ c Animated gif.
      Specimens of the Truong Nguyen Huy aka m ộ c free  font TNH Xuong

✥ Barry Schwartz Specimens of Barry Schwartz free fonts Bonveno, Fanwood, Fanwood Text, Sorts Mill Goudy, Goudy Bookletter 1911, Juvelo, Linden Hill and  Prociono.

❋ Justseeds Open Type Project Animated gif. Specimens of fonts by the  Justseeds Open Type Project

♚ Kulturë Type Animated gif. Specimens of fonts by the  Justseeds Open Type Project

✴ Studio Provo Animated gif. Specimen of the Studio Provo  Free  Font: Nayara Serif

☾ ☽ Julien De Meyère Animated gif. Julien De Meyère free font specimens of Circo

✱ Srawung Studio Animated gif. Specimens of Srawung Studio  Free font: Cubex

✦ Acanski Type Co. Animated gif featuring specimens of PetarAcanski  Free fonts: Swomp, Brushboy , Schoolstop & Blowbrush

☙ Loki Gwynbleidd Animated gif.
      Specimens of  Fonts: Vintage Propagandist, Anarchist Mustache, L'Internationale, Broadaxe Revolution, The Strike Nest, Grotesque Bourgeoisie, Rebel Typographer, The Alarm, La Pétroleuse, Lae Communard'e, ChiffChaff Uprising

✥ That That Type Animated gif.
      Specimens of  That That Type - Harbor Bickmore   Free  Fonts: Lastik + World Peace

✺ Typefaces Eger Animated gif.
      Scrolling website with specimens Typefaces Eger, Selection of the fonts of the graphic designer students of Eger

✥ Contraforma Animated gif. Scrolling newsletter Contraforma #16 Women in Type, part 5—Best of 2023 A  featuring font specimens.

✺ Joker — free display font Animated gif.
      Specimen of Joker free display font in Latin and Cyrillic.

☾☆ Maqroo Arabic Animated gif.
      Scrolling website with grey background and red text.
      Specimen of Maqroo Arabic with changing letters.

✺ David Pérez Cantó Animated gif featuring changing font specimens letters of Boltari by David Perez Cantó on a grid

⇝ Oleg Coadă Animated gif.
      Specimens of Oleg Coadă  Free fonts: Candy and Elody

☉ Noir Blanc Rouge Animated gif.
      Scrolling website of Noir Blanc Rouge with font specimens of Panamera, Young Serif, Formera, Lil Grotesk, Libertine Super, Beon Display et Nemoy

✺ Tom Robin Karlsson Specimens of Tom Robin Karlsson Free fonts: Schabo X Condensed, Ucka Dot Matrix, Schabo Condensed, Bruks Display, Aber Mono, Krylon.

✽ Emotional Type by Boom-Promphan Suksumek Animated gif featuring specimen of Emotional Type by Boom-Promphan Suksumek, Variable Font

🇻🇳 Vietnamese Typography - Donny Trương Samples of Vietnamese Typography and graphic design  on the website by Donny Trương

✺ Diamond Grotesk Typeface Animated gif. Specimens of the Diamond Grotesk Typeface free font developed in 2021 by Beatriz Lima, Marco Antunes and Mariana Braga

✪ Ilya Kolobov Animated gif. Specimen of Ilya Kolobov    Free  Fonts: Lineyka and New Mexika

⚇ Colorblind Studio Animated gif.  Specimens of Colorblind Studio Free Fonts: SCUAR and Adamas

✳ Jun Han Sim Animated gif featuring specimens of Jun Han Sim  Free  Font: Arc Font

☙ Lucia Ramirez Animated gif.  Specimen of the Lucia Ramirez Free  Font: You Mention Weird

★ Element Type Scrolling  Element Type website displaying specimens of Free Font: Host Grotesk

✴ Inclusive Sans Animated gif with specimens of Inclusive Sans  Sans-serif typeface designed by Olivia King

✴ CubicType Animated gif. Scrolling CubicType website featuring font specimens. White background, black text and few images

✱ Plau @PlauDesign Scrolling Plau design landing page for Carlos Mignot's Realce Black (personal and commercial use)

✪ Limitype Animated gif. Specimens of free fonts: Nikea and Brandink Sans

✦ Ffoco Animated gif. Fonts specimens of: Aixfo, Dgeear, Gratety, Now Pletty and Lixdu Pro. Dark green text on pink background.

⊛ Nikita Prokopov Animated gif featuring Nikita Prokopov free fonts: Fira Code + Writer

✺ Fonderie Polyamatype Animated gif. Pages from the book: Spécimen des caractères de la Fonderie Polyamatype by Henri Didot, Legrand et Cie

Marius Kempken Specimens of Marius Kempken's Moderne Sans. Animated gif

The Visionary Behind Italics Animated gif. Examples of the printing work of Aldus Mantius. Many of them books in this exhibition were originally collected by Jean Grolier, a patron of the press who amassed an historic collection before he died in 1565.

The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack Animated gif. Scrolling The Ultimate Oldschool PC Font Pack website and link to font index. Black background with colored pixel fonts and 80s aesthetics.

Laura Lackner Animated gif featuring Laura Lackner ✺ Graphic Designer Student ✺ Free fonts specimens: Migra Display Font + Kraiberg Variable Font + Monolit Display Font

SN Pro Animated gif. Scrolling website on Supernotes app, about SN Pro type.

Café Typô Scrolling Café Typô blog with titles in black and illustrations in green, violet, blue and red. White background.

Richard Gans Typography Scrolling homepage website Richard Gans featuring specimens of his typefaces and scrolling the People page featuring D. José Antonio Gans, Sudtipos, Unos tipos duros, Ale Paul, Gràffica, Nico Amateis, Bianca Dumitrașcu, Ana Moliz, Julio Cubillos, Fetenletters, José Ramón Penela, Lucía Hernández-Canut, Rayitas Azules, Comunidad de Madrid

Teodora Todorović Animated gif featuring specimens of free fonts: Rajah & Indigo by Teodora Todorović

Nicolas Desle Animated gif. Specimen of the free font Funkturm by Nicolas Desle in pink changing with other letters and being replaced by other sets of letters coming from below in the same space in two rows and 6 columns centered on green background.

Variable fonts for developers Black text on light grey background:Variable fonts for developers